Dublin Comic Con 12-13th August 2017


Cerebros was on the road again to Dublin Comic Con this time. There was a massive Indie section on the second floor of the Dublin Convention Center in the Wicklow Hall. There was significant thoroughfare and the game received a lot of positive feedback from gamers and I received copious amounts of player data to help improve the game. Thanks to David Williams from Pulse College for hosting the Indie section and all the other Indie developers for a great selection of diverse games (list of all games below).


Statistics from the weekend


  • 214 gamers played the demo: 119 on the Saturday and 95, Sunday
  • 200 gamers passed the tutorial section
  • 94 gamers passed the first section
  • 46 gamers passed the second section
  • 21 gamers passed the third section
  • 19 gamers entered the boss battle
  • 12 gamers were able to complete the demo

Player Actions

  • 6,541 Switches of Color State
  • 4,683 Jumps
  • 652 Dashes
  • 277 Weapon Changes
  • 50 Equips to Pistol
  • 139 Equips to Shotgun
  • 70 Equips to Sniper

Weapon Actions

  • 22,345 shots from Pistol; 12,455 hit for an accuracy of 55.7%
  • 15,984 shots from Shotgun; 2,322 hit for an accuracy of 14.5%
  • 1,916 Grenades thrown; ,1,124 hit for an accuracy of 58.7%
  • 813 shots from Sniper; 447 hit for an accuracy of 55%
  • 376 Melees; 129 hit for an accuracy of 34.3%

Player Stats

  • 12,546 times Healed
  • 3,084 times Damaged
  • 180 Deaths
  • 1,804 Damaged from Front
  • 630 Damaged from Right Flank
  • 372 Damaged from Left Flank
  • 275 Damaged from Back


I played the majority of the Indie games on-show but didn't have time to play them all:

Oculus Rift and VR Development

As a First-Person perspective game, Cerebros lends itself to virtual reality [VR] easily. I was undecided on whether or not to expend resources, time and money, developing Cerebros as both a conventional and also a VR experience. I thought the visuals and mechanics, especially the bullet-hell traits, would add a lot of value to a VR experience and generate value for the game as a whole. Thanks to the kind support of Oculus in donating a Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers, I've decided to port it to the Oculus Rift and looking forward to all the challenges that will respresent. Thanks again Oculus! 


Insomnia Ireland 9-11th June 2017

So I attended Insomnia Ireland over the weekend in Killarney, Kerry. It was a great event to be at and Multiplay were very welcoming and generous of their time and space and of giving their equipment for all the Indie developers to use. I received great feedback: both in compliments about the game and how well it played and general feedback to adjust and fix areas of the game. Cerebros was played by over 200 players over 3 days and over 30 players completed and finished the demo and posted a high-score. Here is some footage from the event: 

Here is in-game footage of the build players were playing at Insomnia Ireland:

There were also other excellent Indie games on display:

Shadow - a creative clever concept where you manipulate orbs of light to effect shadows to enable your shadow form to move around the level

Nature's Zombie Apocalypse - a fun top-down local multiplayer wave shooter with inventive bosses. 

Space Toads Mayhem - a 2D shoot'em up with a great aesthetic and wicked power-ups.

Beyond the Void - an RTS slash MOBA which had great art design and game aesthetic.