Gamer Fest Ireland / 11-12th November 2017

At the Radisson Hotel in Galway City, Gamer Fest Ireland hosted a weekend of gaming and Cerebros was there to host a little corner of it and entertain 89 players over two days. 

Cerebros is the debut game of the company. Cerebros is a First-Person Shooter. Sprint, shoot and switch between two color states, light and dark, to attack/defend against a variety of sentient AI.

IMG_20171112_145746 (1).jpg


Identical color states/objects absorb each other; opposite color states/objects, destroy. You switch between the two as the situation, environment and enemy dictates. Sprint, Dash and Slide through your chosen path in the battlefield and formulate your strategies to outwit the diverse and varied sentient AI enemies and bosses.


  • First-Person Shooter and Puzzle Hybrid Combines Action and Strategy
  • Stylized Cel-Shaded Art Provides Beautiful Worlds to Explore and Inspiring Vistas
  • Switch Color State to Play Offensive or Defensive
  • Shoot a projectile from a Revolver, or a scattershot Shotgun or instant-hit Sniper
  • Or Smash an Elbow
  • Or Toss a Grenade at the Diverse Sentient AI Enemies
  • When Brute Force Fails, Formulate Strategies to Outwit Them
  • There’s No Sprint Button/Command: You Move Too Fast to Need One
  • But If You Need to Move Faster to a Specific Point, Dash or Slide Your Way There

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