Insomnia 61 / 24-28th August 2017

Cerebros was on the road again and also in the air: traveling all the way to Birmingham, UK to Multiplay's Insonmia 61. Suffice to say, this event dwarfed all the previous events in terms of volume of gamers passing through the hangar doors (the entire space rented out for the event felt like a huge hangar). 877 players tested and hopefully enjoyed Cerebros. There was a lot of positive feedback and some negative which was welcomed and embraced to feed back in to the game and improve it. I'm looking forward to going back there next year for Insomnia 62.


Statistics from the weekend


  • 877 gamers played the demo
  • 190 - Friday
  • 245 - Saturday
  • 253 - Sunday
  • 189 - Monday


  • 804 gamers passed the tutorial section
  • 210 gamers passed the first section
  • 128 gamers passed the second section
  • 42 gamers passed the third section
  • 29 gamers were able to complete the demo

The guys and gal (in the image below) from Ministry of Gamers YouTube channel - a really good gaming YouTube channel - stopped to play, and graciously included footage of Cerebros in their Vlog of their weekend at Insomnia 61:


DiernTenory interviewed me at Insomnia 61 and let me talk about Cerebros and its mechanics: