Insomnia Ireland / 9-11th June 2017

So I attended Insomnia Ireland over the weekend in Killarney, Kerry. It was a great event to be at and Multiplay were very welcoming and generous of their time and space and of giving their equipment for all the Indie developers to use. I received great feedback: both in compliments about the game and how well it played and general feedback to adjust and fix areas of the game. Cerebros was played by over 200 players over 3 days and over 30 players completed and finished the demo and posted a high-score. Here is some footage from the event: 

Here is in-game footage of the build players were playing at Insomnia Ireland:

There were also other excellent Indie games on display:

Shadow - a creative clever concept where you manipulate orbs of light to effect shadows to enable your shadow form to move around the level

Nature's Zombie Apocalypse - a fun top-down local multiplayer wave shooter with inventive bosses. 

Space Toads Mayhem - a 2D shoot'em up with a great aesthetic and wicked power-ups.

Beyond the Void - an RTS slash MOBA which had great art design and game aesthetic.