Cerebros Games Limited is an Independent AI Game Developer specializing in developing adaptive AI and creating innovative AI-Driven computer games based on that technology for gamers to engage their intelligence and challenge their problem-solving skills.

The company was founded by Gerard Comerford.

Gerard Comerford.jpg

Gerard Comerford graduated from the University of Westminster in 2011 with a BSc. degree in Computer Game Development with his final Project Thesis 'Design & Development of a First-Person Shooter & Artificial Intelligence'. In 2008 he represented Ireland as a competitive Pro Evolution Soccer e-sport player at the European Finals finishing in the top 16. In 2017, he was identified as potential entrepreneur and leader with the potential to build a HPSU and was accepted onto the New Frontiers LIT Phase 2 2017 programme, and a member of IMIRT (the Irish Game Makers Association).

He has had 8 years experience as a contractor in the games industry programming in the Unreal 4 engine used to develop the company's tech and products; implementing and integrating modular Planner systems in Unreal Development Kit and Unreal 4 engine for clients' games and projects. He has played and analyzed virtually every game (released since 1980) in the First-Person Shooter genre. He understands the complete experience of playing computer games from design to the pure competitive edge required for a totally immersive experience.



Feel free to contact either by phone or, preferably, email:

+353860863025 / company [at] cerebrosgames [dot] com