Cerebros Games is an Independent Game Developer creating Innovative AI-Driven FPS Indie games. Games should enrich the lives of its users and be a powerful tool for learning and that is our goal for our games. Our games, through Reinforcement Learning, enable the AI to adapt to and create a unique experience and learning tool for the player each time they play.


The company was founded by Gerard Comerford.

Gerard Comerford.jpg

Gerard Comerford graduated from the University of Westminster in 2011 with a BSc. degree in Computer Game Development with his final Project Thesis 'Design & Development of a First-Person Shooter & Artificial Intelligence'. In 2008 he represented Ireland as a competitive Pro Evolution Soccer e-sport player at the European Finals finishing in the top 16. In 2017, he was identified as potential entrepreneur and leader with the potential to build a HPSU and was accepted onto the New Frontiers LIT Phase 2 2017 programme, and a member of IMIRT (the Irish Game Makers Association).

He has had 8 years experience as a contractor in the games industry programming in the Unreal 4 engine used to develop the company's tech and products; implementing and integrating modular Planner systems in Unreal Development Kit and Unreal 4 engine for clients' games and projects.



Feel free to contact either by phone or, preferably, email:

+353860863025 / company [at] cerebrosgames [dot] com